Sunday, 11 October 2015

Insecticides and Insect Repellent for Home Use

Household Insecticides

Close association of mankind and the insects can be traced back even during the pre-historic era. It has always been a love-hate relationship. The disease causing ones together with the so-called “ugly looking ones” have always been hated. Cockroaches, House Flies, Mosquitoes have been the candidates belonging to this category.

Household Insecticides

Mother, nature has always come to the rescue of mankind whenever it has been explored. The initial natural remedies e.g. Nicotine (Tobacco), Pyrethrum oil (Pyrethrum Flowers), Tulsi (Ocimum), Custard Apple (Annona), Neem (Azadirachta) oils to curb this menace of the undesired pests came from the plant kingdom is well known. Scientists have always been taking up the challenges in their laboratories to make products more potent then their counter parts derived from natural sources. The synthetic products being more potent and effective at lower dosages are always preferred but the use of natural products for eradication of pests continues till date, particularly in the developing world.

Midas right from day one decided to make use of both these options. The first one was the introduction of Khatnil, a herbal liquid, which drives away majority of house hold insects. The formulation, to aid the user, was designed in such a way that it can be used as a spray or diluted with water.

Insecticides Chalk

The success of Khatnil encouraged Midas’ R & D to come up with a unique, inexpensive and simple delivery system of insecticides. The conventional systems available were sprays, pasty baits but the consumer did not particularly like these. The painstaking efforts led Midas Hygiene for the first time in India, to develop and introduce an insecticide impregnated chalk to control the menace of cockroaches and its brand names Krazy Lines & The Original Laxmanrekhaa have now become common household names.

Malodour or stinky smell is a common phenomenon, which results from rotting of fruits/vegetable and due to a number of other un-hygienic conditions prevailing in every household. To say that nothing is emanating foul smell in my home will be misleading statement as to no matter how much one tries to keep the interiors neat and tidy, it is the outside environment which continuously invades the interiors. One does spray perfume/fragrances but these last till the sweet smelling agents are present in the environment. The moment these get diluted in the air the stink reappears. To say it boldly no long-term remedy exists.

An extremely difficult target i.e. design ways and means to more or less eliminate smell has, as expected from our strong R & D base been achieved. We have recently introduced “Banodor”, a clear, odourless liquid but powerful enough to attack the root cause of this problem rather than giving a mere masking effect, which the conventional sprays, do. It may please be noted that this is, once again like the insecticide chalk, the first product of this kind developed in India.

We have a number other but equally innovative products in the pipeline. Watch out for these.

The acceptance of The Original Laxmanrekhaa by the customer turned out to be a roaring success. Feedback from the market indicated that the customer is looking for a better packaging which is not only easy to operate but would also avoids a touch with the chalk material even though it is safe to handle.

In line with the market demand a push up type device was designed in which the chalk is placed in the base cavity and pushing up brings out the chalk. This device is similar to the one used in lipsticks. It is available under the brand name Krazy lines Plus.

The continuous process of packaging innovative had led us to design a screw up type cylindrical pack. The raw material are finally blended which take care of big, small and the tiniest cockroaches.

The uses places, method of application and the effect are exactly same which have been given earlier for The Original Laxmanrekhaa.